I am Andrea von Graszouw, your expert for executive sparring.

Empowering Leadership Excellence: Unlock Your Resilience, Elevate Your Impact, and Lead with Purpose. Let us work together for Your Success.

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Your Personal Business and Conflict Coach.

Your Executive Business Coach and Business Mediator

I am Andrea von Graszouw, an executive business coach and business mediator, specializing in supporting CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs in corporate development, as well as during or after conflict or crisis situations. I ensure that executives emerge stronger from times of uncertainty and unpredictability, accompanying them on their personal growth journey.


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Refreshing Your Leadership Style: Building Resilience and Mental Strength for Managers

As a sparring partner dedicated to C-level growth, I recognize the pivotal role resilience and mental strength play in achieving effectiveness. In the face of mounting pressure and heightened expectations, leaders must be not only physically robust but also mentally resilient. I am here to collaborate with you in developing your resilience. The more robust and agile you become, the more likely you are to perform optimally in both stressful times and periods of change. I will guide and support you through this process.

Unlocking Success through Self-Reflection and Self-Efficacy

Together, we will delve into how you present yourself and communicate as a manager. We’ll identify your strengths and areas for improvement, aiming to maximize your leadership effectiveness. By refining your personal charisma and communication skills, we not only enhance your individual leadership profile but also fortify the resilience of your entire organization.

About Andrea von Graszouw

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My Formula for Success: Insight + Action = Results

Successful leaders are shaped by strong sparring partners who provide honest and constructive feedback, critically questioning their decisions and thought processes. Effectively mirroring leadership personalities requires courage, inner clarity, methodological competence, and a clear strategy. My formula for success is Insight + Action = Results. To achieve this, I precisely combine the right tones, methods, and expertise. This enables CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to make confident decisions, communicate effectively, and thereby achieve optimal results with inner clarity.

Sincerity, Respect, Impulses

I am personally driven by a sincere interest in people, companies, and the interconnected personal and entrepreneurial developments. Executives, in particular, bear significant responsibility for shaping future developments. As a former managing director, I have firsthand experience with the isolation and pressure that comes with being at the top. I empathize with those who encounter similar challenges. Addressing significant systemic issues on a global scale demands resilient and effective business leaders. Through my work, I strive to enhance their skills and capabilities, contributing indirectly to positive developments worldwide. For me, recognition, appreciation, and mutual respect are the foundations of success. Bringing joy and enrichment through providing CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs with new insights, I aim to catalyze positive changes. Over three decades of collaboration with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs, I have nurtured leaders and played an active role in shaping companies in thriving industries. Today, the people I work with benefit from this wealth of experience.

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While Hamburg is my place of residence, I look forward to traveling to places where executives are open and interested in enhancing their personal development. If this resonates with you and you require support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In addition to face-to-face appointments, I also conduct sessions over the phone and via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and similar platforms. Experience has demonstrated that these virtual sessions are often shorter and more effective, providing clear advantages in terms of time and cost savings. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and work with you.